Payment Structure and Process

Fees Payment

Students are asked to make full payment for the semester before the course commences. However, students who are unable to pay the fees in full will be allowed to pay in installments within the semester.

Course Selection

Our Counsellors are on hand at the Institute to provide career guidance and counselling. Visit with them so they may assist you in making the relevant programme choice. They will help you understand the nature of the course content, the breadth and depth of involvement, and the future progression of the same course in case you need further advancement, as well as job openings. Most courses have advanced level courses.

Our counselors will also advice in case you need a bridging course to help you scale up.

After counselling, complete and submit an application form.

Admission forms may be obtained from the IIHT admissions office in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


IIHT has an open enrollment all year round. Check with the Development Office to find out when the next batch of students will join, so that you can be among them.

Requirements for the application include your 2 passport size photos, copies of relevant certificates and a copy of ID card. For those who are already working, attach your CV as well.